Constellation Resources

Our curated collection of Constellation sources of information regarding technology, business and finance. 


Constellation Vision Paper

The most recent update on where Constellation is as a company. A great place to start to learn about the tech, finance and business vision. 

Business Whitepaper

An update to the original Whitepaper that focuses on the Big Data market opportunity and why Constellation is well positioned. 

Company Factsheet

A company overview in the popular one-pager format

Token Economics Paper

An in-depth financial overview of our token economics and the role of $DAG in the Constellation network. 


Original Whitepaper

The first Whitepaper that started the Constellation vision. 

Co-Homology Paper

A fundamental framework for defining and analyzing different types distributed ledgers.

Technical Light Paper

Fundamental technological components of the Constellation protocol. 

TestNet Codebase

Reference implementation of our Decentralized Application Integration Platform. 

Technical Glossary

Here we cover some major terms and concept you encounter when learning about the project.

TestNet Visualizer

Visualizion of recent TestNet transactions & associated Global Node transactions.



Where the Constellation team spends most their time engaging with the community. 


Where you will find videos around updates, overviews, Q&A’s, etc. 


Our feed of general updates and where we make strategic announcements. 


Where we manage the Constellation code, technical documents and more. 


An open forum for a civilized discussion regarding the Constellation project.


Where you will find our vision papers, thought pieces, partner overviews and more.