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Today’s business networks are vulnerable and incapable of dealing with the approaching growth in connected devices (IOT). Constellation is working on a protocol infrastructure that will have the ability for devices to securely and efficiently transmit data across disparate networks.

The Internet of Things Requires a Faster, More Secure Alternative


Constellation’s DAG architecture auto scales to provide the throughput needed for IOT devices to communicate. Each interaction or transaction is verified through a unique consensus model. Transactions flow through the network, allowing it to remain stable without every node having to individually verify before the next round of consensus is performed. This method incorporates a node’s historical participation into delegate selection, observation from local nodes, and rewards benevolent behavior. Learn more about DAG architecture here.

Mobile Nodes

Current blockchain technologies like ETH and BTC require huge amounts of computational power in order to secure and validate their networks.  This is not suitable to networks of small mobile devices whether they’re consumer electronic devices or industry hardware. Constellation’s mobile nodes solve network validation without costly mining services and taking up hardwares CPU usage.


Current networks are prone to centralization which in turn produces security risks for IOT manufacturers and consumers. Constellation’s DAG architecture and consensus models combats centralization by leveraging a reputation consensus model over PofW or PofS which are highly susceptible to manipulation. Find out more about Constellation’s consensus model here.

Cross Network Communication

The Internet of things will consist of thousands if not millions of manufactures an differing data networks.  In order for IOT devices to function and secure data, a network that can interoperate and communicate across chains will be necessary.  Constellation’s framework is open source, easy to develop on and allows for differing networks to sync.

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