Constellation June Update

Hello Constellation Community,

By a long long shot, it has been the busiest and most eventful month for Constellation since our inception. First and foremost, we have tokens! Minting happened last week and we now have 4B Constellation DAGs in existence. For those that missed it, we released a detailed distribution model document over the weekend with a token percentage breakout across founders, advisors and the community. With minted token in wallets, Thursday and Friday were spent busily taking our first round investors and partners through the KYC/AML process. We have the process down and we’re ready for the wider community involvement when our first AirDrop hits July 7th.

Have you seen our Telegram Group lately? Over the past three weeks, we’ve been steadily increasing by around 300 new members a day and we’re nearing 20K. Altif has been busily expanding the community by onboarding Portuguese, Russain and Mandarin channels not to mention managing an already 6K strong AirDrop group. As our global footprint grows this will be reflected in our community strategy.

Read on for some topline updates from our engineering, marketing and leadership team. There’s so much more we’d like to talk about (Orion community portal wink wink) but we’re keeping our cards close until we’re ready to reveal. Hold on until next week.

Business Use Cases for Scalable Blockchain

The world economic forum has identified that we are well underway in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  This industrial revolution, unlike previous industrial revolutions, is characterized by as the “fusing of the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.” (Klaus Schwab).

Constellation May Update


Partner Update: Shasta Ventures

Shasta Ventures joins us as our latest strategic advisor. Shasta has advised a multitude of companies that have gone on to build multi million dollar businesses impacting and disrupting traditional models. They bring their grit , experience, and instinct to the Constellation team and will be crucial in helping us grow quickly and in the right direction over the next year and beyond. They’re team is multifaceted and includes some of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists, developers, analysts,and marketers. Find out more about Shasta here.

Technology Update: We Have Nodes

 We’re setting up basic testing and infrastructure for the project with a MVP that we can rapidly iterate on. The below video demonstrates our unit tests for the required operations. We have UDP peer to peer operations tested, a variety of signing / transaction data tests, and a full end-to-end test where we spin up 3 fake nodes and have them start a blockchain from scratch, issue transactions, gossip to each other in a peer-to-peer fashion, and create blocks.

The test is using code that doesn’t include any previous cryptographic dependencies (apart from generic encryption libraries) — in other words this implements the most basic of blockchains from scratch and demonstrates the core functionality with no copy/paste solutions from another coin. 

More sneak peeks to come as we lead up to the developer portal and testnet.

Crypto Invest

The team had a busy three days at Crypto Invest, Diggles, Altif, Gina and Zac worked the booth for three days of non stop meeting with partners, universities, developers, and everyone else in between. Zac headed up the ICO stage to deliver a 15 min overview of Constellation to a crowd of eager investors and developers.  Video to come soon.

Wyatt CTO & Altif CCO – Ask Me Anything

Our CTO Wyatt and CCO Altif hosted an an hour long AMA on Facebook on  the 26th of April.  They dove into all sorts of topics; Rakugo, Proof of Meme, building DAGs, how to get into blockchain development and…the battle of Waterloo. 

AMA w/ CTO Wyatt

Posted by Constellation Labs on Thursday, April 26, 2018


Wyatt at Decentralize Singapore

This one is not for the faint of heart…Watch Wyatts blistering presentation of the technology and mathematical theories underpinning Constellations protocol. Flapmapping, thermo economics, type theory, merger sponge’s etc.

New team members

Darius Rugvicius: Advisor

We’d like to welcome Darius from Connect Capitial to the Constellation team. As a Decentralised web pioneer, advisor and investor for multiple blockchain companies, partner at blockchain and cryptocurrency investment funds, Darius will help propel our business in new and exciting directions

Ryle Goehausen: VP of Engineering

Ryle joins us from Sales Force with a ton of experience and passion for the space.  He’s building out systems for some of the worlds biggest data companies.  Now he’s with us.


The Constellation team will be on the ground for Ethereal and Consensus NY. Let us know if you’re going to be in NY on telegram for blockchain week.

And finally…

In case you missed it. Our Airdrop registration page is now open

All the best,

The Constellation Team

Stay tuned to our blog and telegram for future announcements .

Constellation AirDrop

We’re beyond excited to announce that the Constellation AirDrop registration opens today May 9th.  Please note that all participants will be required to undergo KYC/AML through our token portal once live and the AirDrop is not open to US participants at this time.

A locked up AirDrop will allow the wider community to get involved throughout the course of the year. The first AirDrop is on July 7th with five to follow until December 2018, all tokens will be locked for 6 months. The decision to run an AirDrop as opposed to a public sale came after lengthy internal research and discussions with our legal council. We’re hugely appreciative of all the community support and patience.

We have allocated a total of 30M tokens split evenly across the 6 months. Depending on the number of tokens staked you will enter one of two tiers, community or developer. Each tier will provide a 6-month membership to the community portal and tokens will be staked (locked) for the same period. The launch of the AirDrop registration marks the 2nd phase of our marketing efforts as we shift from general awareness to driving to registration and developer outreach.  Expect to see product overviews of our developer and community portal soon.


How can Blockchain Help you?

Understanding the Obstacles to Adoption and Unlocking Abundance


Two weeks ago, Brendan (co founder and CEO of Constellation Labs) and I gave a talk to a group of engineers from Tesla, Google, Facebook, Oracle, and Apple at a blockchain meetup in Sunnyvale (watch it here). After hearing the first presenter articulate what bitcoin and blockchain is – we realized that people were looking for a bit more in the weeds understanding – the why.  

February Constellation Reviews and Interviews

Greetings Constellation team.  Although we’ve been in stealth mode busily working behind the scenes our platform and vision hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been inundated with interview requests from a number of Blockchains leading commentators and authorities.

Join the community on Telegram here

Constellation Website and Rebrand

Hello Constellation Community!  It’s with great excitement that we are unveiling our rebranded site today.  This is the first step of many as we prepare to launch Constellation beyond the (amazing) core community that has been with us from the start.  Having only launched in November 2017 the momentum we’ve experienced has been phenomenal, a testament to the platform we’re building, the team involved and the Constellation community at large.