Constellation Update – NY Fintech Week, Product, AirDrop & Testnet News

The community reaction to the launch of our codebase has been phenomenal. We’ve been flooded with questions, requests and offers to review our code across all our channels. We’re delighted with the response to the Engineering teams tireless work, and it’s been a highly satisfying few days post-launch. The debut of our code was coupled with the release of our testnet visualization, which has generated a wave of press and industry interest in only a matter of days. Keep those questions and ideas coming! Keep in mind that during this busy period it may take a bit more time for us to respond, but our dedicated team of community managers will get back to you. For AirDrop, press, event, and product news, read on….

Brion Product Update – Brion Hickey VP of Product

Aug 1st, 2018

This small push helped polish the end user experience across various funnels. We also added enhancements to the invite feature.

  • Added support email address on reset password screen to help surface issues.
  • Enabled end user to invite by email.  
  • Disable Unlink when signed up with a social account to enhance signup flow.

July 31st, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the initial AirDrop launched successfully. This is the 1st AirDrop of 6, and we found parts of the end user experience we can improve upon. This week, we focused on streamlining this experience to provide value to the end user.

  • We added front end validation for airdrop users to avoid invalid address.
  • There were many misspellings found. We fixed various typos to give additional clarity to visitors.
  • As we leverage MetaMask for various aspects of Orion, we changed the copy of the cancel Metamask transaction to match the Metamask UI.
  • We updated a few social auth designs. We did this for linking and unlinking of profile info and also on the settings page.

AirDrop Update:

Constellation’s 2nd AirDrop is approaching on August 14th.  Prior to this AirDrop, all registered members will receive an email notifying them which of the five remaining AirDrops they will be placed into, as well as a detailed FAQ on how to access your tokens and stake them on Orion. For further information on the AirDrop schedule, check out our blog post here.

Constellation at FinTech Week NY

The team was in New York for Fintech Week. Our COO Ben Jorgensen sat on a panel alongside Jack J. Bensimon of the Blockchain Exchange Commission, Dan Drees of AvidXchange, and AI and Blockchain Advisor, Yannis Kalfoglou,  speaking about “The Future of Financial Institutions”.

The panel touched on where financial institutions have implemented blockchain, AI, and payment tech successfully, but also where they need to improve. Panelists weighed in on the benefits of blockchain adoption—citing reduced costs, improved efficiency, increased liquidity, and enhanced security—as well as the obstacles of blockchain adoption, including technical hurdles, legal issues, the need for regulatory approval and managing a trade-off between short-term investments vs. long-term potential gains.

We’ll be releasing video content from the event in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye on our channels.

Media Mentions

This week, Altif Brown (CCO) and Emily Arth (VP of Operations) weighed in on Silicon Valley’s persisting diversity issues.

Emily quoted in NullTX

Altif in OurWeekly

Altif article on Blavity

Look out for more AirDrop news later this week. Until then, be sure to follow us on the following channels! 

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The Constellation Team

Constellation Update – Testnet & More

Constellation is releasing its V1 base code next week. After a 5 month period of intensive development, we’re excited to share the engineering teams ground-breaking work, and we’re extremely proud of what they’ve achieved. That being said, the real work starts now as we iterate our next release and respond to the community feedback. We’d also like to thank the community for supporting us over these past few months, and in the words of our CTO Wyatt, “everybody can now see what we’ve been cooking up.” We can’t wait to hear your feedback, as we adapt and respond to your suggestions for V2.  

This code release begins the process which will lead up to a small network of nodes communicating with each other. The focus will be on extensively testing the core system functionality and handling potential node failure conditions/recovery logic. Basic transaction handling and validation is the primary goal, along with demonstrating some of the fundamental data structures, system architecture, and infrastructure. Core functional testing is paramount, along with stabilizing the release with regression tests. We encourage developers to dive into the code and set up local nodes, however, these initially will not be part of the Constellation network.

“With the launch of our testnet, we’re really excited to provide our community with social proof of what we’ve been talking about for some time. The community has been really enthusiastic and engaged with what we’re building, and this is our chance to reciprocate the trust our community has instilled in our vision.” – Brendan Playford, CEO

Alongside the debut of our code, the second aspect of the release is a basic visualization and UI of the network functioning. The idea is to breakdown the very technical architecture of our protocol in a clear and approachable way. This will consist of a map view of where nodes are functioning, a simple output for a permission node to see how they’re working within the network answering, where were the block/transaction was formed and how it was bundled with other transactions and data. We feel that current DAG projects do a poor job of visualizing the tech and explaining how each piece of data is tied to together. Over time, will be expanding the functionality of the visualization. We want to showcase the underlying democratic principles of the network, self-organizing, and constructed to reveal data which is representative of how nodes are behaving.

Engineering Update – Ryle Goehausen (VP of Engineering)

Below is a bullet point overview the engineerings team main focus for the week:

  • Progress on speeding up the downloader.
  • Substantial refactoring and code cleanup before release.
  • Fixed several crash conditions and node failure edge cases.
  • Finalized V2 schema for upcoming transition from directly representing graph sub-partitions to raw graph edges.
  • More work on isolating processing logic to more granular actor handlers.
  • Fix edge case on ancestry resolver causing stall condition.
  • Updated file handling library and pruned unnecessary dependencies.
  • Optimized cell handler to remove the redundant group by operations and added more sanity checks around data resolver and cleanup.
  • Added docker internal health check to the container.
  • Updated API client to scalaj instead of akka-http. More work on internal authentication around endpoints.
  • Added memoization of several calls including metrics rendering for dashboard.
  • Fixed memory issue around excessive bundle data. Updated bundle scoring functions to discourage stray chain formation.
  • Added JMX and debug ports for JVM profiling. Ran numerous performance tests and collected data for debugging purposes.
  • Parameter tuning around gossip, mempool handler, and cleanup functions.

Orion Update – Brion Hickey (VP of Product)

This week we focused on connecting 3rd party services to enhance registration, login, future rewards and more. There was also a concentration of work to support the Constellation Airdrop where end users can stake their tokens on the Orion portal. 
  • Github Login: Developers are now able to login/register via Github and link their account for future developer bounties.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter social account linkage. Users are able to add their accounts to participate in future rewards for twitting and sharing on LinkedIn topics regarding Constellation
  • Airdrop participants will be able to stake their tokens to participate on Orion and earn points that can be exchanged for DAG.
  • Discourse point rewards have been released. Get points for participating on our forum.

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Constellation Update – Recent Press, Content, AMA & Orion Updates

Hi Constellation Community,

With our recent KuCoin listing and Testnet announcement, we’ve experienced a flood of international press across CCN, Bitcoinist, Cointelegraph among many others.  If you haven’t kept a close eye on our social channels, we’ve collated some of the highlights below alongside an opinion piece by our very own Ryle on China’s mining crisis and a recent AMA with Brendan, Wyatt, and Ryle. This weeks press momentum coincided with our first of six community AirDrops and updates to our developer portal Orion. Read on for more…

What to expect from the Constellation Testnet






With the term ‘testnet’ being used to mean a plethora of things in the blockchain space, we felt it was very important to set clear expectations of what to expect in our upcoming first release of the Constellation testnet in  August, 2018. So, without further ado, here is the lowdown.

AirDrop Update

Dear Constellation Community,

Prior to our 1st AirDrop we wanted to clarify some recurring questions from the community.

Please be aware –  A number of AirDrop scams and fake google doc forms have also been circulating.  Report any unofficial/scam DAG AirDrops in our telegram channel.  

Constellation Weekly – KuCoin Listing, Distribution Audit & Engineering Update

Hello Constellation Community,

Big news this week.  DAG listed on Kucoin! Also, Wyatt, Ryle and the engineering team overview their progress and Brendan provides the latest token audit.  If you have any further questions make sure to join our facebook AMA later today, July 3rd at 1 pm here.

Constellation Token Distribution Internal Audit, July 2018

Hi Constellation Community,

In the interest of transparency we’re providing a  break down of the internal structure of each round of token sale in the Constellation SAFT and private sales that occured in both January 2018 and June 2018 respectively.

Please review this document in conjunction with our formal token model which can be downloaded here.

These figures are currently being formally audited by our accountants in San Francisco and Cayman. These will be updated in around 8 weeks time if there are any changes and formally published during August as a PDF report.

These figures represent all tokens that were sold to the public in the previously mentioned tranches of tokens sales, they do not include earlier seed rounds where tokens are locked for 2 years with 6 month cliffs and remain locked. 

As can be seen the discounts ranged from 15% up to 50% for a very small allocation of tokens that went to partner applications being built on Constellation. The bulk of tokens were sold with a 25% discount in the January SAFT sale.

Ethereum lock in rates:

January 2018: $900 USD

June 2018: $561.20 USD

The total raised was slightly above the hard cap of $33.7M and totaled $35,260,238.41 and was paid by a majority of Ethereum, although some payments were received in BTC and USD. The breakdown of which will be released with a the full accountancy audit.

Please click here to review the information in a public Google Sheet.This information will be superseded by a formal audit from our accountants that will take place over the next 8-12 weeks and made public once completed. Any discrepancies will be corrected in a follow-up PDF report. 

We will follow this blog post up with a token release schedule graph which will show the release of tokens from locked wallets over the next 10 years including validator rewards.

Happy Monday!

Kind regards,

Brendan Playford