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A global network of blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts focused on creating strong word of mouth networks for blockchain projects in alignment with Constellation’s vision.

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About the Program

Constellation has created the Constellation Ambassador Program to capture the expertise of industry experts and build a bridge between the industry and the new technological advancements in Blockchain. By scaling the ambassador network globally, Constellation will be able to extend its reach into core industries to inspire the minds of those looking to assimilate scalable edge computing into their solution workflows.

Our goal is to position, promote and strengthen the Constellation solution with flagship partners in diverse industry sectors that will accelerate positive net new node growth.

Ambassador Role

The roles and responsibilities of an ambassador may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Promote

    Articulate a clear understanding of the existing state of technology while articulating a vision for the future.

  • Connect Opportunities

    Establish initial introductions and seed early conversations with key target leads aligned with your industry.

  • Uplevel

    Take initiative to improve our program and provide immense value to our active projects.

  • Community Support

    Answer questions on Orion, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, Git, Stack Overflow, at events, etc.

  • Attend Events

    Attend and support local Constellation events and other community events - travel may apply.

  • Networking

    Help connect interested users with the right individuals within our community and on the Constellation team.

  • Ideation

    Identify industry use-cases that are in alignment with the Constellation solution.

  • Content Creation

    Produce industry specific, market facing materials. Attend monthly webinar and be open to presenting.

  • Presenting

    Present to Meetup Organizers, Content Creators, Social Communities, Bloggers & Developers.

Our Vision

We aim to scale a distributed Ambassador program enabling Constellation to build touchpoints across various industries, verticals and markets that are complementary to our technology and vision.

The Ambassador program will broaden the Constellation reach allowing us to uncover global use cases in which our technology can be applied.

We want to enable our Ambassadors to play a critical part in the Blockchain ecosystem that will in turn strengthen our position as a foundational protocol in the market.

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Meet some of our Strategic Ambassadors representing Constellation in various industries and markets

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Benjamin Diggles

Ambassador Program Lead


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Sebastian Spitzer

Automotive / Mobility / IoT


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Ray Rehito Hatoyama

Consumer / Retail

Tokyo / San Francisco

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Ratul Saha

India / Singapore


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Julian Jung



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Jacob Mullins

Venture Capital

San Francisco


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