Providing an enterprise software solution for data provenance and integrity at scale.

Our framework ensures your data is notarized and validated. It's secure, cost effective, scalable, and easy to integrate.



Creating a protocol for devices to securely and efficiently transmit data across disparate networks.


Providing a protocol capable of ingesting and organizing data of new mobility technologies.


A protocol for data security, breaches, medical records, transparency, and more.


Leading the path for businesses to effectively distribute their energy consumption.


Constellation is partnered with institutional investment funds, crypto advisory firms, technology PR firms and blockchain education groups. If you’re interested in becoming a partner reach out to us via the form below.

Shasta is an early stage investor in enterprise, consumer, and emerging platform companies building products that change the way we live and work.

SutherlandGold is a PR agency dedicated to the art of storytelling and the science of inspiring action.

BCV is an early stage venture capital firm located in Boulder, Colorado. BCV is focused on early stage investments.

We are proud members of the Hyperledger community. Hyperledger is an open source collaboration creating to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Chainrock is a global advisory and investment firm focused on digital assets and emerging blockchain technology.

MOBI is a mobility open blockchain initiative using blockchain and related technologies to make mobility safer, greener, and more accessible.

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cryptographically secure

With a robust reputation-based protocol that incentivizes good behavior and punishes bad actors, Constellation powers systems that are inherently more secure than any competing service could ever be. Constellation also allows for you to tokenize your cryptographically secured data, all within a truly democratic governance model.

consensus as a service

Constellation’s Proof-of-Consensus protocol is technology, blockchain and network agnostic. Developers will be able to integrate an API and toggle between distributed and existing cloud server infrastructure on the fly, creating our notion of consensus as a service.


Built with the engineer in mind, Constellation is incredibly simple to implement within existing systems and applications. We’re leveraging existing tools in big data and machine learning architectures like MapReduce, JVM, Scala and Hadoop. Our JVM powered micro-service framework enables an effortless plug-and-play functionality with existing applications of all types.


By narrowly focusing on validation, Constellation is able to provide a throughput that makes us enterprise ready. When more nodes and actors join our network, we become more decentralized as opposed to more centralized, simply by the inherent nature of our horizontal, asynchronous infrastructure and our reputation based consensus model.

Orion portal

Orion is an incentivized community portal and forum that serves as an information hub within our community. Constellation content is posted on Orion, and then federated across various distribution channels. Upcoming releases of Orion will include developer documentation, bounties (ex: earn $DAG for hosting a testnet node), and an app marketplace.


Constellation’s community is thriving across a host of social platforms. We have three Telegram groups, (official and unofficial) and a highly active Discord channel for technical queries. Stay up to date with all of Constellation’s news across Reddit, FB and TW.

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Constellation’s DAG token is listed and trading across leading crypto exchanges: